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5mW Red Dot Laser Sight

5mW Red Dot Laser Sight For Pistol or Rifle


SKU: HQ06000501
Color: Red
Dimensions: 11-25mm*120mm
Weight: 700g
Range: 1000 Yards
Number: Unit

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  • Product Description

    Red laser sight is a device that is installed on pistols, shotguns and rifles, which includes three parts: a barrel, infrared transmitter and tail. The product can be adjusted up, down, left, or right, and equipped with the 16340 rechargeable battery and recharger. when using, open the switch and aim for the target using the spot that the transmitter transmits. Do not point a laser pointer at a person and do not aim at eyes or face, laser radiation can seriously damage your eyes. If you have any problems you can't understand about our product, please contact with us in time, we will help you solve your question in a timely manner, your satisfaction is our goal and relentless pursuit!

    Red Dot Laser Sight Rifle Description :

    * Output: 5mW
    * Laser Color: Red
    * Range: 1000 Yards
    * Wavelength: 650nm
    * Size of the Corresponding Equipment: 11-25mm
    * Power: 1x 16340 Battery
    * Wavelength Stability: 0.2 nm
    * Aiming accuracy: L5 Mrad
    * Indication Stability: L 0.005 Mrad
    * Operating temperature: 10º C ~ 55º C
    * Operating life:> 3000 hours
    * Power requirements: DC 3V ~ 3.7V
    * Operating current: ≤ 260 mA

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    Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam (any contact to the human eye can cause permanent damage). Never expose your eyes or anyone else's to the laser beam

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