high power laser

High Power Laser Pointer 30W

  • Laser Power:30000mW
  • Laser Color: Blue Laser
  • Size:23mm X 222mm
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Laser Class: Class IV
 burning laser
green laser pointer
2000mW Green Laser Pointer
200mw Laser Pointer Focusable Flashlight

green laser 3000mw
This 3000mW 532nm focus flashlight green laser pointer is exquisite, portable and has extensive applications, it emits green light with a wave length of 532nm.
5000mw laser pointer
5000mwW laser pointer can be used to light matches or cigarettes, burn paper ,and the range can easily reach 8000m.
2000mw laser pointer
2000mW Lasers Pointers are newly arrvied in everyonetobuy.com. As super power laser pointer, the light range can be as far as 5000 meters.
200mw Green Laser
200mw lasers is excellent in laser cutting and as laser flashlights. People also use 200mw green laser pointers as kaleidoscopic laser pointers when they in disco.
100mw laser pointer
100 mW Laser Pointers is in rang of the powerful laser pointers. The green light is generated in an indirect process, beginning with a high power laser
500mw laser pointer
Our most popular high-performance portable laser. 500 mw Laser Pointers commercial use including astronomy, bird, signal, science work.
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10mw laser pointer
10mw Green Laser Pointer
10mW Laser Pointers belong to in Class 3B
5mw Laser Pointer
5mw Laser Pointer
5mW Lasers belong to class llla
laser for sale
20mw Laser Pointer
20mW LED Stage Lighting for a perfect party

Why do you buy a laser pointer? If you are in an industry such as the Military, Astronomy, Medical or Search and Rescue, our lasers will come in very handy. These products are in no way used for toys and at Everyonetobuy.com we comply with the strictest government laws and regulations worldwide to ensure your laser safety.

Whatever laser pointer you choose, you will receive the unsurpassed quality and power that Everyonetobuy.com is renowned for. Lasers come in three different color beams: red, green and blue.

In all our laser products, Everyonetobuy.com utilizes exciting new laser technology that combines power and stability. Keeping with the high-quality and standards of our 532nm sub compact portable laser units, Everyonetobuy.com new 650nm sub compact portable laser unit is no exception. No two laser diodes are the same; in fact each laser has its own properties determined by manufacturing parameters. Our products offer the brightest laser beam, sub compact size, stability and performance delivered to you, straight from our factory.

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