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Green laser indicator: also known as the star pen green, laser pen, laser pointer pen, handheld lasers. Because it has a very intuitive visible strong beam to indicate. The role of multi-named because of its bright light and strong anti-interference of stray light being increasingly. Long range, fixed focal length, unlike ordinary red laser pointer, which is much higher than the output of brightness red laser, ten times than general red laser. In the night sky will be illuminated green laser pointer, you can see a bright green light piercing the sky. Astronomers can use 300mw laser to refer to the stars, also known as "the star pen". Choice for teaching / astronomy refers to the star point guiding role , the majority of laser equipment lovers / astronomy enthusiasts outdoor enthusiasts. Green laser also serve as good gifts friends and family. 1-5000mw green laser pointer you can found on everyonetobuy.com. High quality and cheap laser pointer. High power laser and low power laser pointer. The best choice for you.
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