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Northern Europe there is an ancient legend: Once you see a flash of green light in your life, promise the wish will achieve. At the same time, green is a symbol of the life, vigorous vitality and hope.Green wavelength divided into 532 nm,520 nm and 550nm. Due to the shorter wavelength green, imaging in front of retina, make eye to relax, the ciliary muscle to rest, relieve eye fatigue, often see green is beneficial to vision health.However, not allow to use green laser pointer to exposure the eyes and face, which is extremely dangerous, the child can not play with a laser pointer.Green laser pointer from 1mW power to 10000mW, over 1000mW green laser pointer belong high power laser pointer,such as 10000mw green burning laser,5000mw green laser,3000mw laser pointer,laser 2000mw,1000mw green laser,these high power laser pointer can easily light cigarettes and matches, so pay particular attention to security issues when someone use it, which also will bring a lot of convenience in outdoor activities.Green laser is also divided into two types, one is the flashlight laser pen,for example,500mw green laser,green 200mw laser pointer,which are very helpful to take a walk at night.There is a pen type laser pen,for instance,20mw green laser pen,1mw laser,those laser pointers are also a type of presentation pointer pen, which are widely welcomed.In addition, the laser pointer can also be divided into single laser pointer, 2 in 1 and 5 in 1 laser pen,such as strongest laser pen,green laser pointer,100mw laser,which can create a variety of beautiful patterns.The battery used by the laser pen is 18650 and 16430 batteries, and the voltage is between 3.7-4.2V, and the correct installation of the battery is battery cathode to the tail part of the laser pen.At the same time, most of the laser pointer can be focus,for example,green laser flashlight,300mw green laser.Green laser pointer is a very good indicator,which is widely used in teaching, astronomy, and fixed point guide, high power laser pen is also the preferred equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.Note again, do not use the laser pointer to the people's eyes and face, children do not play with a laser pointer!1mw-10000mw green laser pointer you can found on High quality and cheap laser pointer pen. There is always a suitable for you.
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