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About Laser Pointer at Everyonetobuy

          We can provide you with a wide range of laser pointers, whether the laser color (red, green, blue, purple, yellow), power (from 1mw to 50000mw), application features, we are doing the most complete classification, you can navigate or search to find what you want the laser pen. Perhaps our site style is not the best, but our product content must be the most abundant, we aim to provide you with the most suitable laser pointer, so, please be patient to find your best products. We guarantee all products: free shipping, 30-days return policy, 1-year warranty period. If you have any other problem to know, please contact us in time. We also wholesale lasers, if you need to buy a lot of lasers, please contact us, we can give you the most reliable wholesale price. Our contact email is service@everyonetobuy.com


How to choose a laser pen

          The green laser pointer is different from the ordinary red laser pen, and its output brightness is much higher than that of the red laser, which is dozens of times or more than the brightness of the general red beam light. Point the green laser beam at the sky at night, and you can see a bright green light piercing the night sky, which astronomy enthusiasts can use to refer to the stars. Therefore, the green pointer's brightness is the best, which is also the most popular reason. The high powered laser is a very powerful tool, also known as a burning laser pen, which can burn some of the common combustible materials, such as matches, paper, dry leaves, and even engraving templates to design some interesting DIY works. However, this type of laser belongs to the class 4 laser pointer. When using it, it is necessary to wear eye-protection glasses to protect the eyes, and it is not possible to laser the human eyes, skin, and vehicles and airplanes. This is a very wrong way to use. With the correct use of the laser pointer pen, you will enjoy the pleasure of it.


Laser 303 Series

          Laser pointer pen 303 is the most popular laser pen, our shop 2017 upgraded version L303 series are equipped with 8in1 laser lens, simple and brilliant, but the product is still the same price, cheap and high quality, we provide abundant L303 lasers, red, green, blue, purple laser, and all kinds of power, satisfy any of your needs, all of our products are 1 years warranty, you can rest assured to buy.

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