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Upgraded Mini Engraving Machine 1500mW Blue Laser Cutter Engraver For DIY Design


Power 1500mW
Beam Color Blue-violet
Model Mini Home DIY Laser Cutter
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  • Product Description

              Miniature engraving machine is designed to meet the demand of laser enthusiasts came into being, but also by the majority of love DIY making friends of favor, because this product design compact, professional process design, the most important is that it has a very good engraving function, can carve a variety of their own design of exquisite handmade works, send family, send friends are very good gifts. Second-generation mini laser cutter has been more perfect, so that customers better use this product, then we look through the data in the end to get what aspects of the upgrade it!

    Enhanced Version

  • 1. Carved area increased, from 38 * 38mm to 80 * 80mm
  • 2. There is no limit to the volume of the carved objects
  • 3. The quality and service life of laser head are greatly improved
  • 4. Engraving machines are compact in size and weight
  • 5. Software features and operational enhancements

  • Parameter Comparison

    Specifications First Generation VS Second Generation
    Product Size 213 * 140 * 140mm --- 152 * 163 * 140mm
    Package Size 56 * 183 * 183mm --- 260 * 230 * 109mm
    Product Net Weight 1460g --- 565g
    Package Weight 1850g --- 1200g
    Shell Material Iron + Aluminum Alloy --- ABS Environmental Protection
    Laser Color Blue-violet --- Blue-violet
    Power 1000mW --- 1500mW
    Carved Area 38 * 38mm --- 80 * 80mm

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    Packing List:

  • * 1x Laser Engraving Machine
  • * 1x Protection Panel
  • * 1x US Regulatory Adapter
  • * 1x Data Cable
  • * 1x U Disk(Driver/Video Tutorial)
  • * 4x Carved Wood Chips
  • * 1x Screwdriver
  • * 4x Screws
  • * 1x Instruction Manual
  • * Tight Packing Box

  • FAQ

    Unable to operate machinery:
    Disconnect the power and restart the machine,return to the initial state
    Focusing laser:
    Rotating laser head lens cap,make the light spot on surfaces together
    Can’t carved in surfaces:
    To ensure the carving items not metal or ceramic,and then check the laser focus, and different cutting material or carving patterns need to set a different time, you should be patient to try to do it again and again
    Offline carving:
    If you need offline carving,Restart machine after downloading the program; Yellow function keys can be only used in offline mode.In online mode ,you can control machine with PC software
    Connect to Computer:
    Connect the machine and computer, and then start the PC software.If midway disconnected and then reconnected machines,you need to first disconnect connection in software and then connect it

    If you have any other problem, please contact us in time !

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