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  • Lasers Wavelength

  • Wavelength determines the color of the laser and the visibility of the beam , the laser wavelength of visible light color from short to long as follows: blue violet laser(405nm), blue laser(445nm, 450nm, 473nm), green laser(532nm 520nm 550nm), yellow laser(589nm) orange laser(593nm) and red laser(635nm, 650nm).

    10mw 405nm Blue Violet Laser 10000mw 445nm Blue Laser 30000mw 450nm Blue Laser

    30000mw 473nm Blue Laser.jpg 3000mw 520nm Green Laser 5000mw 532nm Green Laser

  • Lasers Safety Grades

  • Class I : Low output laser (power less than 0.4mW), regardless of the conditions of the eyes and skin, will not exceed the MPE value, and even after the focus of the optical system will not exceed the value of MPE. To ensure the safety of the design, do not have to special management. Typical applications such as laser pointer, CD player, CD-ROM equipment, geological prospecting equipment and laboratory analysis equipment, short distance communication etc.. (use of light source exposure) because the power is less than 0.4mW. So no harm to the eyes...

    Class II :Low output visual laser (power 0.4mW-1mW), the reaction time of 0.25 seconds to close the eyes, with the exposure can not be calculated over this period of time can not be more than MPE. The laser is usually less than 1mW, can lead to dizziness can't think, with closed eyes to protect, not entirely safe, don't look directly in the beam, also do not use direct exposure to the eyes of others Class II laser, II laser with Class to avoid observation telescope. Typical applications such as classroom demonstration, presentation pointer, cat toy , sighting equipment , Bars/KTV/Clubs/Concert Site and range finder etc..

    Class III :Medium Laser, the beam directly into the eye, it will produce damage, based on some security reasons, further divided into IIIA and IIIB.
    IIIA is a continuous laser of visible light, laser beam 1-5mW and beam energy density do not exceed 25W / Mm, avoid the observation of IIIA laser with the telescope, which may increase the risk. Typical applications of IIIA and Class II have many similarities, such as Laser Pointer, Laser Scanner , Teachers Lecturers, Business Person / Conference Speaker, Museum / Exhibition / Tour Guide etc..
    IIIB is continuous laser that power is from 5mW to 500mW , directly in the light of the observation of the risk of. But the minimum irradiation distance is 13cm, the maximum exposure time for ten seconds following safety. Typical applications of IIIB lasers, such as spectral measurement and entertainment lighting, etc..

    Class IV :Continuous high output laser (greater than 500mW), higher than the third level, there is the danger of burning laser, which can easily lighting cigarette,match and blasting balloon,even igniting all combustible materials . The beam of high power laser pointer is extremely bright, anti-stray light interference is strong , diffuse reflection also at risk , it is widely used in astronomy refers to the stars, site measurements, wild adventure, but also for self-defense, is the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts . Please wear safety goggles when you play high powered laser pointer.In particular,laser harmful to the human eye, please do not direct to the human eye, please keep away from children, so as to avoid accidental injury accident . Special Reminder : This section of the hand-held laser pointer small size,ultra powerful power,taking into account the need for cooling, don't keep the strong powerful laser pointers on continuously for more than 30 seconds, or it will get burnt from inside easily,you can continue to use after a few minutes of rest ; Master the correct installation method of the battery(Please refer to the picture) ; Battery charging 1-2 hours, please do not charge for a long time,in order to avoid damage to the battery .

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