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flashlight style adjustable high power laser pointer 200mw

High Quality Green Dot Laser Pointer Pen 200mW 532nm Wavelength Multifunctional Tool For Sale


SKU HQ01GN0065
Power 200mw Laser Pointers
Color Green Laser Pointer
Range 1000m
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Qty: Unit

  • Product Description

              The portable and with richer applications 200mw laser pointer is small and exquisite. This laser pen is a good guide for your traveling, and a good tool for pointing to the faraway target and sending out the SOS signal. Presentations, museum and guides, it is always widely used to point at the faraway target or stars.


    1. 200mW green laser pointer can point at any desired targets
    2. Lecture on the evening sky
    3. Instructing pie charts in the boardroom
    4. Project screens, video monitors and inspection
    5. Presentations, museum and guides
    6. Gallery guides, Building field, Mining field, Business person, Conference Speaker, Bars, KTV, Clubs, Concert site

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    nice green laser pointer 200mw

    Specifications :

    * Output power: 200mW
    * Light Color: Green
    * Beam: Continuous Wave
    * Material: Copper
    * Surface Treatment: Rubber Paint
    * Operating mode : Soft Touch
    * Power supply: 2*AAA
    * Wavelength: 532nm
    * Output power: 200mW
    * Laser range: 500-1000 meters
    * Working Voltage: 3V
    * Working Temperature : 14°F ~ 86°F
    * Size : 13mm*147mm
    * Weight: 46g

    Packing Details:
    1x 532nm green laser pointer 200mW
    1x Manuals
    2x AAA Batteries
    1x Velvet Box

    200mw green laser pointer pen light


    1. Don't allow the lazer beam to enter the eye
    2. Don’t point astronomy laser beams at aircraft
    3. Don’t point laser light beams at vehicles
    4. Don’t hold a green laser beam on the skin
    5. Don’t point the laser pointer 200mw pen to the crowd, especially in the face

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