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1mw red laser keychain

Wholesale Kids Cat Pet Laser Pointer 1mW Low Power Red 650nm Wavelength Dot Light

Price: $19.99

Power 1mW Laser Pointers
Color Red Laser Pointer
Wavelength 650nm Lasers
Pattern Dot
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  • Product Description

              For pets who love to chase, more tangible toys, cat laser pointer can be the best choice. A laser beam's incessant movement keys will let cats be happy. You can find kid laser as the keychain laser pen style or in the cute pen laser Pointer. Go to and find a nice best color laser pointer for cats.

    1mW Laser Pointer Specifications:

    *Output power: 1mW
    *Beam Color: Red
    *Wavelength: 635nm-670nm
    *Size: 120mm * 25mm * 15mm
    *Material: Stainless Steel
    *Power Supply: 3 * LR1130
    *Working Voltage: 4.5V
    *Operating Temperature (degree): 23°F-113°F

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