532nm Laser Pointer

In the visible spectrum, a wavelength of 532nm for visible light green, the most common color is green in our life, while it is also the most popular human visual enjoyment, because green represents life and hope, there is a very good message. Naturally, the 532nm laser pointer can also emit a clearly visible green beam light, but also can produce a number of beautiful patterns according to equipment setting, then making all kinds of beautiful occasion atmosphere. Next, we will be based on the classification of the laser level (mainly III CLASS and IV CLASS), and then describing the use of its methods and application direction, to provide you with the best choice!

The output power is greater than 500mW, which belongs to the high power laser pointer, the laser is widely used in industrial production, such as cutting, welding and micro machining and so on, while in the medical surgery has a very large potential for development. Burning laser pointer can easily light cigarette, match and blasting balloon, even igniting all combustible materials. The beam of high powered laser is extremely bright, anti-stray light interference is strong, it is also widely used in astronomy refers to the stars, site measurements, wild adventure, but also for self-defense, is the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts. You will find that burning laser will bring you a lot of fun! Since the laser pointer which too much power, so pay special attention to security matters. Please wear safety goggles when you play high powered laser pointer. In particular, laser harmful to the human eye, please do not direct to the human eye, please keep away from children, so as to avoid accidental injury accident.

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