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Two Different Color Red and Green 5mW Laser Pointer Pen For Sale

Price: $125.99

SKU: HQGR01301
Power: 5mW
Color: Green and Red
Guarantee: Free Shipping
Number: Unit

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  • Product Description

    Specifications :

    Power 5mW
    Class 4
    Laser Color Green and Red
    Wavelength 532nm / 650nm
    Size 14 × 164mm
    Weight 25g
    Material Aviation Aluminum
    Finish Rubber Paint
    Switch Push Button Constant On/Off
    Modes Single-Point
    Battery 2 * AAA Batteries
    Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F
    Warranty 1 Year

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    Packing Details:
    1X 5mW Laser Pointer Pen
    2X AAA Batteries
    1X Box

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