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200mw green laser pointer

Usb Built-in Battery Multi-color Multi-power Laser Pointer For Sale


Power : 200mW | 300mW
Color : Green | Red
Wavelength : 532nm | 650nm
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  • Product Description

    Mace Features :

    * The use of aviation aluminum hard oxidation light manufacturing process, strong and durable, beautiful and innovative appearance
    * The pen is made of antiskid design, and the head and tail cover are chamfered to prevent scratching
    * Core material new 808 semiconductor diode plus crystal, durable, the service life of up to 8000 hours
    * Built-in laser module to improve the cooling device, circuit board acquisition and protection design
    * Focus on the head, you can adjust the size of the spot, light beam thickness, after focusing, you can close point matches
    * The switch is designed for touch switch, making it easier to use
    * Built-in polymer battery 1600mah, life time 30 minutes
    * Tail design Android / mini USB interface, easy to charge

    Product Details :

    200mw green laser

    green laser 200mw

    200mw green laser pointer

    red laser 300mw

    300mw red laser

    red laser pointer 300mw

    300mw red laser pointer

    green laser pointer 200mw

    Package Lists
    * 1 X Laser Pointer Flashlight
    * 1 X Charging Cable
    * 1 X Package Box


    Power 200mW | 300mW
    Class 3
    Laser Color Green | Red
    Wavelength 532nm | 650nm
    Size 18mm * 115mm
    Weight 58g
    Material Aviation Aluminum
    Finish Rubber Paint
    Beam Divergence 1.5mRad
    Beam Shape 2mm X 5mm
    Switch Push Button Constant On/Off
    Modes Continuous Wave
    Beam Distance 1,000Meters +
    Power Supply Usb Built-in Battery
    Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F
    Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
    Warranty 1 Year


    1. Battery for the built-in battery, please do not wait until a little electricity before the charge
    2. When used, the laser beam is absolutely not allowed to face the eyes of people and animals and exposed skin, combustible
    3. The laser pen is not allowed to turn on for more than 3 minutes, otherwise it will affect the life of the LD due to overheating
    4. When not in use, place 200mw green laser where the child is difficult to get
    5. If the brightness of the laser beam is suddenly dimmed, please charge the battery or replace the battery

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