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Beautiful Red Full of Sky Stars Laser Pointer Pen 50mW


SKU: HQ020015
Power: 50mw Laser Pointers
Color: Red Laser Pointer
Guarantee: Free Shipping/30-Day Money-Back/12-Month Warranty
Number: Unit

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  • Product Description

    SKU-HQ020015 is a power of 50mw pen laser pointer, 650nm wavelength red laser beam is very clearly visible at night, and it is also equipped with a laser star head cap, you can create a gorgeous starlight scene, very romantic. 50mw laser pointer is made of metal copper, the surface is treated with rubber paint, feel good. Whether it is appearance design or power size, are people's first choice. Both as a practical tool for navigation, but also entertainment viewing, cheap, do not you think it is the best?

    Specifications :

    * Brand: HTPOW
    * Class: IIIB
    * Power: 50mW
    * Laser Color: Red
    * Wavelength: 650nm
    * Beam Pattern: Continuous Wave
    * Size: 13mm x 147mm
    * Weight: 200g
    * Material: Copper
    * Laser Finish: Rubber Paint
    * Switch: Push Button Constant On/Off
    * Laser Range: 500-800 Meters
    * Power Supply: 2*AAA
    * Warranty: 12 Months
    * Working Voltage: DC = 3.0V
    * Working Temperature: 32°F ~ 95°F

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    Package List

    * 1x 50mw Red Laser Pointer
    * 2x AAA Battery
    * 1x Instructions
    * 1x Package Box

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