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200mw Focusable Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch can burn matches or cigarette

    HTPOW 200mW Focusable Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch Burn Matches or Cigarette

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Product Description

Product Specifications :
Size :φ22*110MM
Material: Aviation aluminum
Wavelength: 650nm
Output power: 200mW laser
Spot form: Punctate
Beam type: Continuous linear
Spot size:10MM< φ18MM
Focus type: Adjustable Focus
Working current:< 200mAh
Working voltage:DC=3.0-5.5V
Start-up voltage: DC=2.6V
Warm-up time: NAWorking temperature:0℃~+30℃Store temperature:-10℃~+40℃Power supply: 1*CR123A

1.How to install the battery: put the anode to the back of the red laser pointer 200mw
2.Do not look into the aperture of the laser beam,and do not aim into eye!
3.Do not repeat to switch the laser pointer within 1 min, otherwise it will shorten the lifetime of the laser pointer.
4.Take off the battery and Keep out of reach of children!
5.Charging or changing the battery once the laser beam brightness seriously drop!
6.Charging time : 60~80 min

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Packing list:

2x batteries
1x charger
1x laser pointer flashlight red


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