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200mw Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch with 2 batteries and safe lock can burn match

    HTPOW 200mW Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch with 2 Batteries and Safe Lock Burn Match

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  • color :Red laser
  • size :25mmX155mm
  • $65.83

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Product Description

Brand name: OXLASERS
Model: OX-R301
Shell material:Hard aluminum
Surface treatement: Anodic oxidation
Switch: soft touch
Power supply: 18650/CR123 rechargeable battery
Wavelength:: 650nm
preheat time:less than 3 seconds
Working voltage: DC = 3.7V (With key)
Output power: 200mW burst the balloon and matches

1.It was made by aircraft aluminum,so it is very durable.
2. Safety Key switch design, prevents children/unauthorized persons from harming themselves .
3. Focus adjustable lens v 4 The battery is 18650MA,high capacityv 5. ON/OFF Switch: a button in the front, just press itv 6.LD and fittings were both imported. Increase the service life, more than 8000hours.
7 laser module to improve the heat sink in design .
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200mw red laser flashlight
Pack list:
1xRechargeable battery 18650
1xRechargeable battery 16340
1X Laser pointer Flashlight


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