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200mw Red Laser Pointer Waterproof Focusable Flashlight Torch can burn match in the 4 meters away

    HTPOW Powerful 200mW Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch Waterproof Focusable

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  • color :Red laser
  • size :25mmX145mm
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Product Description

1.200mw red laser pointer flashlight was made by aircraft aluminum, durable, waterproof,can be used in rainy days outdoor.
2. Focus adjustable lens
3. The battery is 18650MA,high capacity.
4. ON/OFF Switch: a button in the back, press the button to turn on; release to turn off.
5.LD and fittings were both imported. Increase the service life, more than 8000hours.
6 .laser module to improve the heat sink in design .

Shell material:Hard aluminum
Surface treatement: Anodic oxidation
Switch: soft touch
Power supply: 18650 rechargeable battery
preheat time:less than 3 seconds
Working voltage: DC = 3.7V (With key)
Output power: 200mW laser burst the balloon and matches

twist off the back cover of the outdoor 200mw red Laser pointer flashlight
Install the 18650 battery correctly. And offer the back cover
Open the laser pointer flashlight , turn the focus head, the spot would become bigger,then you could light the matches or other things
When the spot become small, it could not light anything, because the light is Parallel light
Please take off the battery when you don't use it.
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Package includes:
Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch*1


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