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Laser safety glasses

    Laser safety glasses, goggles

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Product Description

This section is effective protective goggles laser wavelength laser at 280-1064 in this area .
Anti- 208-540NM red laser wavelength , can prevent a blue laser wavelength 580-640NM. Purple 760-840NM can prevent the laser wavelength , the wavelength of the green laser 694 -proof , can prevent light green wavelength 1064 laser. Yellow wavelength laser can prevent 488NM.

The cheap laser goggles to wear comfortable, beautiful , safe and reliable optical performance fully meet GJB1762-93 " laser goggles physical health standard " on the angle of incidence of the light source is not selective , our company isproviding this type of goggles can laser -round protection within a specific range , visible light transmittance of around 65%.

The human eye is most sensitive organ of the laser . Due to the characteristics of the laser energy can highly concentrated in space and time . As the eye has a lens focusing effect on the energy per unit area of ​​the retina suffered laser irradiation is higher than the amount corresponding to the incidence of corneal nearly 10 times 5 .

Good strong laser monochrome , color fundus is minimal. Because the pulsed laser injury is much faster than the blink reflex ( eye blink reflex time is typically 150-250ms, while the pulsed laser can be as short 10ms), coupled with the extreme moment , in a very small area , energy focused on the release , even low doses of laser irradiation can cause serious damage to the retina or cornea .

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