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burning cigarette adjustable green blue red 3 in 1 laser pointer flashlight

    Adjustable 100mw green blue red 3 in 1 laser pointer flashlight

  • Inventory status : Have in stock
  • color : green blue red laser
  • size :24cmX153cm (blue laser) 24cmX129cm (red laser) 24cmX153cm(green laser)
  • The weight :1
  • $571.92

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Product Description

  1. 100mw 3in1 laser pointer flashlight with aircraft aluminum alloy, durable sex is good strong.
  2. Adjusts the focus, External, become adjustable spot size and thickness of the beam (focusing is very convenient.)
  3. 3 color in1, Green and Red 100mW also from sticks in addition to blue light at a price of 1W Blue Light Laser Pointer normal, it is a bargain
  4. Can be lit to match easily lit cigar, to match the output of 100mW if 4. Blue light, go through easy to newspaper, after fixing the focus and Green Light and Red, if green light, you can star cap at night.
  5. Because with starry head of perfect score of five. There is a star filled sky of the effect of 5 types of irradiation shape variable, can be attached flashlight of 3 colors, Recreational effect is very good. In a convenient portable box, it is a wonderful thing as a present.
  6. Switch sides, become energized by pressing, it will turn off automatically if you leave. Secure Power with a key.
  7. Import LD, use time over 8000 hours
  8. To improve the heat dissipation device by laser module built-in, circuit board to collect protection design.

  • Specification
      1.Key Feature: green,blue,red laser
      2.Model Number: OX-RGB301
      3.Material: Harden aluminum
      4. On-off mode: Soft touch switch
      5.Battery: 16340 rechargeable battery 2pcs(blue laser ) 16340 battery 1pcs(red and green laser)
      6.Wavelength(nm): 445-450nm(blue laser) 650-660 nm (red laser) 532 nm (green laser)
      7.. Start time;≤ 3 seconds
      8. Working voltage: DC3.7V
      9..Dimension: ¢24cmX153cm (blue laser) ¢24cmX129cm (red laser)
      ¢24cmX153cm(green laser)
      10. Output power (mW) : blue laser: 1000mW/1W can burning match easily
      red laser :100mw can burning match
      green laser:100mw can burning match

      high quality 100mw 3in1 green

      burn match 100mw 3in1 green

       3in1 green

      power 100mw 3in1 green

      outdoor 100mw 3in1 green

      Packing list:
      The laser flashlight x 1
      16340 battery x 2
      Recharger x 1
      safety goggles x 1
      aluminum foil x 1

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