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LS02 red laser pointer for PPT page up and down

    HTPOW LS02 Red Laser Pointer For PPT Page Up Down

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  • color :Red laser presenter
  • size : 11*2.5*1.4CM
  • $19.17

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Product Description

Wireless ppt presenter laser Product Specifications :
Size :φ11*2.5*1.4CM
Security level: ClassIIIB
LASER:continuous semiconductor laser (λ= 650 nm)
Output power: 5mW ppt laser
Color: Red
Laser range: 15 inches (indoor)
USB Port USB3.0/2.0/ 1.1
Working voltage:2.4V, 3.3V
Power supply: 2*AAA
Total weight: 45g (with battery)
Volume: Wireless page up and down Presenter 113mm(L)*25mm(W)*14mm(H)
Wireless receiver 68mm(L)*25mm(W)*9mm(H)
System:Microsoft Windows, 98SE,2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7, Mac OS 10.0x, Andriod 3.1

1.Taking advanced RF2.4GHz wireless technology, with stable performance. maximum operable range could reach 15m, could receive 360 degrees, non-directional.
2.Support plug-and-play, do not need drivers.
3.The power supply and automatic power-saving, double-energy-saving design.
4.Function: laser pointing, the wireless slide presentation (flip up and down / black screen / player / ESC)
power switch (to prevent battery leakage)
5.Applicable to : companies, schools, educational institutions, government and commercial users.

Packing detail:
1xWireless Presenter
1x Wireless receiver
1x Manual
1x leather case
2x AAA
wireless ppt laser

wireless ppt presenter

best wireless page up down presenter

ppt presenter laser
1.Do not look into the aperture of the laser beam,and do not aim into eye!
2.Do not repeat to switch the laser pointer within 1 min, otherwise it will shorten the lifetime of the laser pointer.
3.Take off the battery and Keep out of reach of children!
4.Charging or changing the battery once the laser beam brightness seriously drop!


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